Connecting, Strengthening and Scaling Food Supply Chains in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region


Washington State University, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, will guide the Washington State Team. Washington State is incredibly diverse both demographically and in terms of its agricultural production zones with over 300 different agricultural commodities produced and some counties in Central Washington with over 50% Hispanic/Latinx populations reflecting the diversity of our farmworker communities, vibrant local food markets and small farms sector. So, to begin, the Washington State Team will facilitate a statewide process of identifying and engaging these emerging voices and leaders in identifying and rectifying gaps in the services required for sustainable business development. We hope to build a statewide network and leadership team based on those conversations and with a focus on addressing equities in access to existing USDA and state-level programs and supporting the development of relevant technical assistance and local knowledge for and by communities.

Washington Leads

Marcia Ostrom


Laura Raymond

Washington State Department of Agriculture
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