Connecting, Strengthening and Scaling Food Supply Chains in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region

Tayler Reinman

University of Idaho Extension

Tayler Reinman, Regional Food System Program Manager at the University of Idaho, Northern District, supports program activities for the Center’s Diverse Markets for Climate Resilient Agriculture theme team and the Idaho State team. Tayler’s work in this role is informed by her previous experience as a Research Assistant in the Sustainable Seed Systems Lab at Washington State University, where she conducted participatory research to understand the opportunity to integrate two underutilized grains, proso millet and buckwheat, into the regional food system in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to her work as a researcher, Tayler was a propagation manager and laborer on an organic, small-scale diversified vegetable farm in Western Washington. Tayler is passionate about facilitating connections in our regional supply chain in order to create a more prosperous food system for the communities and ecosystems within it. She is excited about the opportunity to support the Center in this work.
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