Connecting, Strengthening and Scaling Food Supply Chains in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region

Joni Kindwall-Moore

Snacktivist Inc

Joni Kindwall-Moore | Founder & CEO, Snacktivist Inc.| Co-founder, CIO, FoodViiision LLC | Co-founder, CIVC Co-Op Project (Collaborative Integrated Value Chains)
Entrepreneur, Scientist, and Registered Nurse. 25+ years of scientific inquiry, bedside healthcare, and food system activism inspired her to found a CPG (consumer packaged goods) company aimed at reshaping the US grain sector, with a focus on climate-smart farming, regenerative agricultural practices, nutrient density, and “soil-to-plate” transparency. Joni believes that transparency and collaboration will be critical in transforming the global food system to a more resilient, “future-proofed”, regenerative model.
Snacktivist is a consumer packaged food company that sells ancient-grain and legume-based food products ranging from dry baking mixes, flours, and ingredients to prepared products like frozen pizza crust and grab-n-go breakfast grain bowls. Snacktivist is developing a network of “tech-connected grain chains” to help provide transparency and data-driven ESG reporting throughout complex food and ag supply chains. This transparency is delivered via her tech platform FoodViiision. Snacktivist is working collaboratively with several other brands to form CIVC, an innovative solution to solving the purchasing and processing needs of mission-driven, CPG brands, leveraging a cooperative, vertically integrated model.
Joni has been involved in food system advocacy for decades starting with the MUD project in Missoula, MT, the Eyak Preservation Council in Cordova, AK, the Inland NW Food Network, and most recently, founding the North American Millets Alliance.
Joni was born in rural OR, and is the mom of 3 children. She lives with her husband and kids.
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