Connecting, Strengthening and Scaling Food Supply Chains in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region

Katie Baker

FARE Idaho

Katie Baker, Executive Director, FARE Idaho, is a co-lead for the Idaho State Team for Idaho’s participation in the Center. Katie has been working in local food systems for the last 15 years and has experience in building integral networks within local food systems, assisting small producers gain market access, and has a passion for connecting forces to strengthen the value chain coordination. Katie’s previous work includes Sales Manager at Idaho’s Bounty, a producer cooperative and food hub. Katie has helped build FARE (Food, Agriculture, Restaurants, Establishments) Idaho, which is one of the first nonprofit trade associations structured around the local food system in the United States. Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, in March of 2020, FARE Idaho was founded with the purpose of supporting independent businesses across all sectors of the food system.
Currently, FARE Idaho <> represents over 400 independent food and beverage businesses in Idaho and advocates on behalf of its members creating cross sector market relationships between Idaho producers and intermediated buyers while strengthening Idaho’s food system.
FARE Idaho, in partnership with University of Idaho leads the Idaho State Team.
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