Connecting, Strengthening and Scaling Food Supply Chains in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region


The 2022 State of the Local Food Economy report was the inaugural effort to quantify the value of local foods sold through third-party managed, direct-to-consumer farmers’ markets within the service area – Fremont, Hot Springs and Teton counties, which include the Wind River Reservation – of Central Wyoming College (CWC). This 2023 report builds on that information to provide comparisons in three unique farmers’ market sales channels. These farmers’ markets, in addition to weekly seasonal in-person markets, include two virtual markets for online ordering of local foods and a year-around indoor farmers’ market, which increases the convenience and accessibility of local foods for our communities. Three years of direct-to-consumer farmers’ market sales data shows solid local food economy growth through more sales and more customers across multiple types of market channels – in-person, year-around indoor and virtual. Since 2021, direct-to-consumer farmers’ market sales have increased by 45% ($993,460) in the 2-year period of 2022-2023.

Farmers’ Markets

2021 Sales

2022 Sales

2023 Sales

% Change






Year-around Indoor


$54,253 *Oct-Dec

$291,493 *Feb-Dec

Comparison unavailable.











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